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Welcome to Madrid


  • You can self-finance your stay in Spain
  • Salary, accommodation and meals included

Au Pair in Spain

  • Your Spanish family. Forever friends.
  • High quality families offering good money for less hours of work
  • Nice and safe families with references who will be happy to welcome you and make you feel at home
  • Live a fun experience in Spanish
  • Assistance and personal care throughout your stay. You will never be alone and professional support will be provided at all times during your stay.
Only summer or school season
Requirements to be an au pair

  • European nationality
  • Minimum stay of 3 months (possibility of trying for shorter
  • Basic level of Spanish (ability to hold
    at least a basic conversation in elementary Spanish)
  • Be in good health
  • Not smoke, at least at home
  • To be sincerely interested in being an Au Pair and to like children.
  • Help in the home:
    • 25 Hours a week. Plus 1 night a week babysitting, if required
      (Tasks include: speaking in English to the children, helping with English homework, taking them and picking them up to and from school and to and from leisure and sport activities (park, swimming pool), feeding them, tidying their room, making their bed, preparing simple meals, washing up etc… No household chores unrelated to children care).


Información en Madrid:
Web: www.
Tlf: 913663037 Y 609235118
Email Infointer:
85/87 Bayham Street London NW10AG UK

how to be an au pair girl?

Supply without obligation:

  • Au pair dossier (ask if you don’t have one)
  • 5 photos with your family, friends, children, etc.
  • Photocopy of your passport
  • A recent medical certificate
  • Criminal record certificate
  • A letter of introduction in Spanish (hobbies, reasons for your trip, why you want to be au pair, what you expect from the family, your experience with children, what you future plans are, what you have studied, what you would do in Spain etc) European health insurance card. Private health insurance coverage in Spain for non-Europeans.

what does the au pair receive in return?

  • Her own room
  • Full board
  • Pocket money: 90 € week (lower cost of living in Spain)
  • Free Weekends
  • The family will pick you up at the airport
  • Services and assistance for 1 year (read below)


The payment will only be required the moment the family state their availability to accept you.
The fee (90 €) will stay same whatever the duration of your stay.

For the whole duration of your stay, the rent and the meals will be totally free.

Apart from that, the payment of 90 € includes administrative expense for your reservation and also the possibility to enjoy the Infointer assistance service (read the details at the bottom of the page).

Methods of payment:

  • BankTransfer
    Titular Mª Luisa Esteban Dorronzoro (Infointer)
    IBAN ES 74 0182 2613 5702 0152 3267

Services and assistance for 1 year

  • You will be part of the au pair market together with a wide range of European girls/ local families.
    Families and girls with references, within the rules laid down by European Agreement on Au Pair Placement made in Strasbourg on 24 November 1969
  • Emergency telephone
  • Change of Au pair – Family, if necessary
  • Preparation/guidance for au pair stays (translations, preparation of documentation, meetings,talks, etc) Technical infrastructure (fax, telephones, Internet, P.O. box, etc)
  • Assistance/mediation service in case of misunderstandings, problems, queries,etc
  • Follow-up during your stay
  • Meeting room
  • Useful information (in Spain: embassies, transport, free time, sports, Spanish schools, private teachers, libraries, etc)
  • Infointer offers you the chance to share new experiences, cultures and languages. We will be by your side as long as the programme lasts.

Multiservice guide of Spain and welcome pack with everything you need to know about Spain to make your life easier (sites to interact with Spanish, studying, Spanish schools, sport, useful addresses, web sites for international students to socialize, go out, parties etc., contact with other au pair, banks, universities etc,)

Once you have supplied the documentation (by e-mail, we will look for a suitable family according to your profile and preferences. We will inform you when one is available, and as final confirmation you should pay the programme fee of 90 € (valid for 1 year – read Services and Assistance).

What is au pair placement?

  • It is the temporary taking-in of a young foreign girl who wishes to take advantage of this formula (living with a family and helping with the housework in order to cover the costs of her stay) for the purpose of improving her Spanish and getting to know new customs and culture.
  • Taking in a girl or being an Au Pair is a simple cheap option that will contribute to the cultural enrichment of both parties:
    • Families (daily help in looking after the children and with the housework)
    • Au Pair (have all expenses paid and receive a salary)
  • Coping successfully with new situations will depend on the ability of both parties to be open and flexible, which will also help them to get to know and adapt to each other.
  • Couples without children may take advantage of the presence of the au pair to learn / practise or improve the language they are most interested in by talking to a native speaker every day.
  • Many common spaces are shared in day-to-day living (having meals and watching TV together, chatting, etc.) and good manners, understanding and mutual respect will be the foundations for getting on together and for the programme to be a success.
  • As a European citizen the au pair has her Spanish Social Security benefits covered.
  • Help with languages: the function of the au pair in this matter is to bring the family into contact (talking, correcting ¼) with her own language or one in which she is proficient, but she will never be required to act as a teacher.
    We should not forget that she has come to learn Spanish.
  • When in another country, the customs, rules, etc. may be different from what you are used to. So before changing any rule in connection with the home or the children, the family should always be consulted first.
  • There is long-standing au pair experience in Europe on account of the importance attached to knowing other languages. Apart from their mother tongue, almost all the girls are proficient in another language, usually English (they have studied it since they were small and have been an au pair in Britain). The au pair may be fluent in two languages.
  • On this programme not only is a certain availability and willingness required on both sides, but also preparation for and assistance during the stay. Infointer will help you to prepare and will assist you as long as the programme lasts.

Download Au Pair Dossier

Au-Pair Girls Dossier