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Welcome to Madrid

This new host-family programme – The expense for your stay is supported by the family.

  • Free accommodation and full board included in exchange for English conversation
  • Homestay Family in Madrid – only 180 £

Each year, Infointer provides good quality accommodation for thousands of people from abroad (school and university students, and professionals) wishing to experience the Spanish way of life
low cost.

This new host-family programme

Each year, Infointer provides good quality accommodation for thousands of people from abroad (school and university students, and professionals) wishing to experience the Spanish way of life low cost.

  • What makes the “Intercambio” programme different
    With “Intercambio”, you’re “ a guest”…but not a “paying one”. The expense for your stay is supported by the family. That means the families that participate in the “Intercambio” are interested in Anglo-Saxon culture and language, and not in providing full board accomodation to any foreigner in exchange for money.
  • What Why is the programme so inexpensive for a stay that can last from two weeks to three months or more?
    Spanish families are delighted to welcome and accommodate a guest whose native language is English (British or American) so as to practice the language day after day, on a regular basis, in a relaxed way – not more than three or four hours a day, on weekdays. The rest of the day is free for both guests and families. So are weekends and public holidays.
    Thus, the stay with the host family can become a great experience for everyone, a way for the guest to discover the country and a valuable complement to English courses for the host family.
  • Subjects of conversation will never be neglected and will always fit the family and their guest’s common fields
    of interest
    What matters is that both guests and host families should be interested in what they talk about. Generally speaking, families are interested in Anglo-Saxon culture, society, music, art, sports, etc. So, in fact, guests will have the same kind of conversations with their host families as those they could have at home, with their own families and friends.
  • Guests and host families actually select each other.
    Most families’ houses are large, with a lot of space. Most couples (with or without children) belong to the middle class or upper middle class. That is the reason why those families ask a lot of questions about their potential guests (lifestyle, habits, etc.). In the same way, before confirming arrival, a guest is able to get all information required about the host family, including photographs, etc. and will be able to make a choice according to his or her own standards.
  • That sort of stay should be informal and relaxing.
    Of course, the programme respect the complete independence of guest and host family. The stay should be relaxing and friendly. The family will respect the guest’s personality. It is not a problem if he or she is shy or extrovert, for example.
  • Meals, everyday life, etc.
    In case the guest is on diet for one reason or another (allergy to gluten, etc.) , he or she will inform the family, and all food requirements will be carefully taken into account.The only categorical condition necessary for the stay is compliance by both guest and host family with basic rules of behaviour and good manners common to all western societies.The ” Intercambio ” system is based on reciprocal respect and a common will to take part in such a rewarding experience.
  • Why do Spanish families participate in the programme?
    The only inclusive price to pay for the whole stay (full board and accomodation, whatever the duration of the stay) is 180 £ (inclusive of all tax and asistance, with nothing to add either before or after departure). All that the families require in exchange for their hospitality is Englih conversation on any subject. Once the agreed time has been dedicated to English conversation, the family


Fees and Assistance

Infointer Assistance -Welcome to Madrid. Infointer is the pride and the joy of our network, it will allow you to have the best possible stay in Madrid, and will give you information, help and assistance. The one and only expense is 180 £, used to provide the following services.

180 £ included (No extra charge, no extra-taxes during your stay):

  • Host family search.
  • Registration fees
  • Supplement for Bank charges inclusive (change and/or transfer: 15 euros)
  • Finding a new host family if they want to move to another district.
  • Finding a new host family because of obvious mutual incompatibility.
  • Provide local assistance during the whole stay.
  • Provide language assistance when guests must deal with the Spanish administration (health care, bank problems,
    employment, money, job application, etc. Guia Spain (para relacionarte con nativos))
  • How to open a bank account
  • How to get social and medical help
  • The law with regard to accommodation etc.
  • Administrative formalities on arrival in Spain and on departure (from USA, New
    Zealand, Canada, etc.)
  • Legislation (Employment, Money etc.) Better knowledge of your rights.

Home Stay programme

  • Spanish families offer you free full board and accommodation: the host family will provide you with breakfast,
    lunch and dinner during the week, weekends and holidays – and accommodation: one bedroom, furnished and fully
    equipped in exchange for English conversation
  • English conversation 3 o 4 hours max. per day, usually during breakfast, dinner, etc. Rest of the day free.
  • Free Saturday and Sunday, free holidays
    1. Whatever your reason for coming to Madrid is, job, holiday, studies or for any other reason, we can always reserve accommodation for you. Please note that the minimum stay is 14 days
    2. Madrid welcome to host-family in Spain, to speak English – whether Spanish speaker or not
    3. Particularly suitable for the following: students, teachers and professionals
    4. Flexible Stay (long or short term): from 2 weeks or more: one month, two months, etc.
    5. Members receive ongoing assistance from Infointer
    6. If you want, you will also be able to practice Spanish with the families. We find centrally located accommodation for all members who come to Spain to work, study, or simply to see the sights, Spanish speakers or not. Living with a Spanish Host-Family is a great opportunity to make sure that your Spanish improves rapidly

Application Procedures

  1. Read and complete the application form neatly in black ink.
  2. Either fax the documents and email the photos or send them all by regular mail or e-mail
  3. When our office receives your application, you will be contacted with information regarding the status of your
  4. Your application will be circulated among Host families that have been selected for you.
  5. When we find you a suitable family, you will be sent the family’s details and the family will call you on the phone
    or e-mail.
  6. Once accepted by a Host Family – and you accept them, you will need to make transportation arrangements and
    communicate them to our office and send us the registration fee.
  7. Upon arrival in your target country, you will be picked up at the airport by your Host Family. After you settle in,
    give us a call to let us know how you are doing.
  8. Please note that people under the age of 18 will need a parental written authorisation

In order to process your application, we need the following:

  1. Some photos (with your family)
  2. A letter, stating who you are, why you want to go to Spain, your hobbies, interests, experiences, study of any degrees, high school diploma or other qualifications, any special considerations (such as diet), etc.. If your knowledge of Spanish is zero or near zero, write the letter in English.
  3. Medical Report (a letter from your family doctor – Local doctor- practitioner).
  4. A declaration from the police that you do not have a criminal record (Police Report go to your local police department and tell them you need a document saying you have no criminal record for “travel” purposes).
  5. CV
Once you have supplied the documentation (by e-mail, we will look for a family in keeping with your profile and preferences. We will inform you when one is available, and as final confirmation you should pay the programme fee of 180 € (valid for 1 year – read Services and Assistance

Please send all documents by mail

The moment the family accept your application, we put you in contact with them directly so that you can agree on the day of your arrival and its organization.


The payment will only be required the moment the family state their availability to accept you.
The payment (180 £) is the same whatever the duration of your stay.
For the whole duration of your stay, the rent and the meals will be totally free.
Apart from that, the payment of 180 £ includes administrative expense for your reservation and also the possibility to enjoy the Infointer assistance service (read the details at the bottom of the page).

Methods of payment:

  • BankTransfer
    Titular Mª Luisa Esteban Dorronzoro (Infointer)
    IBAN ES 74 0182 2613 5702 0152 3267


Información en Madrid:
Web: www.
Tlf: 913663037 Y 609235118
Email Infointer:
85/87 Bayham Street London NW10AG UK

Download Homestay Free Application Form